So you want to send out mass e-mail?


Several vehicles exist for sending out mass e-mails to the campus community. In most cases, announcements should be sent out as part of the Lehigh Daily Announcements and Events. Announcements from various departments are condensed into one e-mail and sent out on a daily basis. You’ve no doubt seen these messages before. See the example below.




To post an announcement to be included in this digest use the following links:


All Users:           

Undergraduates Only:

Grad Students Only:

Faculty/Staff Only:



After you open the respective link above scroll down to the bottom of the upper pane and click on “Post Bulletin”. A window will appear for you to type your message into. Click “Send” when finished. All postings are subject to approval from University Relations and will normally be posted the next business day.


If you feel that including your announcement in the daily bulletin not appropriate and your news is so critical that it warrants a special e-mail contact University Relations at


If you need technical assistance in posting to the NEWS digests, contact the Help Desk at extension 8-HELP. For administrative assistance and/or policy inquires contact University Relations at