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Apple Mac computers are increasingly common on the Lehigh campus.

The typical productivity software used by faculty and staff, such as Lehigh email and Microsoft Office, operates similarly on Mac and Windows. However, some administrative tasks that rely on Microsoft Access, such as Desktop Finance, cannot be performed in Mac OS X natively. There are several alternatives to add Windows capability to a Mac so that you have access to both Mac software and Windows software. LTS recommends VMWare Fusion with the typical LTS UIU Windows 7 64-bit image. Contact your Computing Consultant for additional details.

Lehigh's Purchasing Dept prefers Proposals/Quotes be attached to a Purchase Requisition.

Proposals for institutional purchases can be created on Apple's ecommerce site. Proposers may create an AppleID for this purpose (recommended) or Request Access to Lehigh's account page via (choose Lehigh University, "AP" as your Location.) See Step-by-step instructions (PDF) provided by Apple. Purchasers can also call 800-800-APPL for assistance.

Recommended Warranty

Lehigh recommends Apple's 3-year "AppleCare" warranty for computers. It's important to note that AppleCare does not cover accidental damage. AppleCare+ for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch does offer accidental damage protection (see details.)

Check the Warranties page for further information and hardware repair procedures.

Lehigh Web Store

Apple Store (

See above for information about access to the Lehigh Apple Store, or bowse anonymously via the Apple Store for Education Institution site.

Account Representatives

Inside Sales Rep
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Inside Account Executive
Apple Education Sales - HiEd PA & WV
800.800.2775 x46818 or 512-674-6818

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