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Dell Personal Purchases

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Lehigh currently recommends Dell's business line models - Optiplex and Precision desktops, and Latitude and Vostro laptops - as these models can be serviced on campus for hardware repairs. Extended warranties with accidental damage coverage are highly recommended for students carrying laptops around campus.

Recommended Warranty

Lehigh recommends a 3 or 4 year on-site warranty with Dell's "Complete Care" accidental damage protection. Dell computers sold by third-party retailers or websites must have a warranty from Dell in order to be serviced for hardware problems at Lehigh.  We recommend purchasing via the web using the link below.

NOTE: Due to changes in how Dell handles warranty reimbursement, the following changes are in effect as of January 1, 2011

  • Individuals who purchased or purchase a consumer-line Dell (Inspiron, XPS, Studio etc.) AFTER January 1, 2011 with eligible warranties can still have their Dell computer serviced on campus, but will be responsible for labor charges. The cost of parts will still be covered by the terms of the warranty. Hardware repair tickets will be submitted and treated like out-of-warranty repairs in the respect that the person requesting the repair will be contacted with an estimate of labor charges associated with anticipated repair(s) and responsible for the initial diagnostic fee (typically equivalent to a half-hour of labor plus tax).
  • Individuals who purchased a consumer-line Dell (Inspiron, XPS, Studio etc.) PRIOR to January 1, 2011 with eligible warranties can still have their Dell computer serviced on campus free of charge as before (parts and labor). They will be grandfathered for the life of that specific computer or the completion of their tenure at Lehigh, whichever comes first.
  • Individuals who purchased or purchase a business-line Dell (Latitude, Vostro, Precision, Optiplex) with eligible warranties will experience no change in current hardware repair policies.

As always, check the Warranties page for general information and tips.

Web Store

  • Recommended Systems: Dell edutechU Store for Lehigh
  • Note: Dell XPS 13, XPS 14 and XPS 15 Ultrabooks available on the edutechU site are fully supported for hardware repair by Lehigh Technicians
  • Full Catalog: No longer available

Account Representatives

Dell's Lehigh Team

David Baily
800-695-8133 ext 2166722

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