First Year Students Lehigh Gmail access

Soon first year students (Class of 18) will have access to Lehigh email. Lehigh has partnered with Google, Inc. to bring the full suite of Google Apps, including email, to undergraduate and graduate students.

When you are notified that email is available, you can click on the portal Mail icon (upper right-hand corner) or go to to enter your new Lehigh Google mail service. Your email address is your six-character username, e.g.,

Current students and staff: Upgrade to Lehigh Google Mail !

The new Lehigh Google Mail service offers 30 gigabytes of storage (more than 30 times the current Lehigh account), an easy-to-use web interface and superior spam filtering, among other things. Watch the video for more information...

Overview of Lehigh Gmail


The new Lehigh Gmail offers significant advantages over the Lehigh legacy email currently provided to students.

  • 30GB of mail storage space (30 times more than is provided now)
  • Much improved spam filtering
  • Versatile web-based access from anywhere
  • Your Lehigh email address and aliases remain the same

Staff and Faculty: Migrating to Lehigh Google Mail

Staff and faculty can contact their computing consultant or fill out a request form at to have mail migrated to Lehigh Gmail. In the migration process, a computing consultant will migrate your mail, folders (including local folders), contacts, and they will answer any questions or concerns you have.

How to use Google Mail

Instructions on using Lehigh Google Mail are available at: