Network StorageMapping the H: Drive (Mac)

Mapping the H: Drive Manually on a Mac

These instructions may be used by any Lehigh users living off-campus who are connecting to the Lehigh network via the Lehigh VPN. For students who are participating in WIRED, a custom login has been written to map the H: drive for Windows users. Please visit the WIRED Home Page for more information.

  1. From the Finder, hit Command+K

  2. In the Server Address field, type the following: cifs://{server}{group}/{username} with {server}, {group}, and {username} corresponding to your own personal user information based on the criteria below:

    If your username begins with:
    A - H
    Replace {server} below with Home10 and {group} with A-H
    I - L
    Replace {server} below with Home11 and {group} with I-L
    M - Z
    Replace {server} below with Home12 and {group} with M-Z

    Example: If your username is skx9, the {server} is Home12 and {group} is M-Z, so the sever address would be cifs://

    H Drive Mac

  3. Click 'Connect'

  4. Enter your login credentials and click “OK”. Your drive is now mapped. The following instructions will allow your computer to remount the mapped drive after every reboot.

  5. Now enter into System Preferences, from the Apple menu

  6. Click on ‘Users & Groups’ (in older versions of the OS, this may be 'Accounts')

    System Prefs

  7. Click on “Login Items”

  8. Click on the + button to add another login item

    Login Items

  9. Locate the network drive you previously mounted and click “Add”

  10. Exit out of System Preferences
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