Gender Violence Incident Notification

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Report a Gender Violence Incident

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The purpose of this form is to notify Lehigh University that an incident of gender violence has occurred. This form should NOT be used in an emergency. If this is an emergency and you need immediate assistance, please call the Lehigh University Police Department at 610-758-4200. You should report incidents of harassment by using Lehigh's harassment policy protocol, rather than this form.

The Assistant Director of the Women's Center, the Lehigh University Police Department, and other authorized University employees who have a specific need to know will review and record the information that you submit about an Incident. The University will respond to the information in a way that takes into account your wishes, as well as any legal requirements or University obligations. Please understand that under certain circumstances, the University may have an obligation to act upon the information you provide even if you request that the University take no action beyond recording the incident. For example, the University will need to investigate situations that may threaten the safety of anyone mentioned in this form or the Lehigh University community. Alternatively, please understand that if you do not complete the form fully, the University may be limited in its ability to take action, even if you would like us to do so.

If you have questions regarding the use of this form, feel free to contact the Assistant Director of the Women's Center at 610-758-5808 to discuss your options.

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